Capture Hong Kong Launches with Google Photos upload to Lead Analogue Media Digitisation in Hong Kong

This new cloud solution finally provides a long term solution for preserving family memories

HONG KONG - Media OutReach - 14 June 2023 - CaptureTM Hong Kong, a leading technology startup in the analogue media digitisation industry, has announced a new feature with Google Photos that enables Capture HK's customers to achieve a complete solution for family memories.

The analogue media digitisation service offered by Capture HK includes photo albums, photographs, videotapes and digital media. Customers can bring their analogue media to Capture Experience Centre for consultation, where Capture Memory Specialists will review and process the digitisation. After around one week, all memories can be uploaded and backed up to Google Photos after digitisation! And customers can find Capture.HK listed in the Google Photos App > Utilities > Import Photos > Digitise Physical Photos > Capture.

Long-standing Collaboration Between Two Industry Leaders

Google Photos is one of the most widely-used and popular cloud-based photo and video storage and sharing app. That is why, a sister company of Capture.HK in the US, added the Google Photos support in 2018. has been helping to build the analogue media digitisation industry for more than 20 years and achieved both the highest quality standards in the industry and an excellent customer experience. Capture.HK launched Hong Kong in 2022 and is thrilled to announce this valuable collaboration. Customers can benefit from the expertise of Capture.HK. and enjoy the accessibility, organisation, enhanced search, and easy sharing of their digitised memories with their family and friends, from any device, at any time on Google Photos.

Digitise your memories before it is too late!

"It's truly remarkable to see my faded photos look brand new, as if by magic!", said Sheldon Li, CEO of, whose family lives in different parts of the world "I am thrilled that Capture has launched their Google Photos integration and now the whole family can share, enjoy and talk about our family history together no matter where they are."

Don't wait until your analogue media such as photographs and videotapes are irreversibly damaged by the passage of time and the humid environment in Hong Kong! Capture.HK's digitisation service is high quality and affordable: each photo costs HKD $2 and each videotape/digital media costs HKD $200. In addition to Google Photos output, customers can also select a USB flash drive as the output format.

To celebrate the new feature with Google Photos, Capture.HK is offering a discount of 10% on orders placed before June 30, 2023. Register at Capture.HK to get the discount code now!

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About Capture.HK
About Capture.HK
Capture.HK is the most advanced analogue media digitisation service provider in Hong Kong. We digitise your analogue media (photo albums, photographs, videotapes, and digital media like Memory Sticks, Compact Flash, DVD, etc), using our proprietary technology. Capture is the only service that saves your memories directly to Google Photos. In the USA, we have cooperated with Fujifilm, Google and retail giants like Walmart and Costco, to help more than 12 million families to safeguard their memories.


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14 Jun 2023

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