Blockchain Digest: Here’s Why New AI Crypto InQubeta is Quickly Becoming a Household Name

Mahe, Seychelles - News Direct - 19 July 2023 - Despite the turbulence in the crypto space, a new project has emerged as a standout performer, showcasing resilience and exponential growth. Its ability to navigate and thrive in challenging market conditions is a testament to its strong fundamentals, innovative solutions, and strategic vision. In this article, we explore the remarkable ascent of InQubeta, examining three important reasons behind its success and the key elements that have propelled it to rise swiftly in the face of uncertainty.


Fractional Investment: Bridging the Gap

One of the standout features of InQubeta is its revolutionary platform that enables fractional investments in AI startups. Traditionally, investing in early-stage AI projects was limited to deep-pocketed investors or venture capitalists. However, InQubeta's platform leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to unlock fractional investment opportunities, democratizing access to AI start-ups for a broader range of investors. This bridging of the gap between traditional investors and AI technology is driving interest and opening up new avenues for participation in the AI revolution.

Robust Tokenomics: Fueling Growth and Rewards

InQubeta's token, QUBE, plays a vital role in the ecosystem, contributing to its vibrant growth and rewarding participants. As a deflationary ERC-20 token, QUBE incorporates tokenomics designed to incentivize and benefit its holders. With a buy and sell tax structure, QUBE holders can earn rewards through staking and participation in the platform. A portion of the transaction fees is allocated to a dedicated reward pool, creating a sustainable ecosystem that aligns the interests of token holders with the growth of the project. This robust tokenomics model enhances the attractiveness of QUBE as an investment opportunity.

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Strong Community Support and Clear Roadmap: Driving Forward

InQubeta owes its rapid rise to the strong community support it has garnered in the current presale phase. Having raised over $1.4 million in funding, the project has fostered an engaged and passionate community of investors, enthusiasts, and AI proponents. The active involvement of the community contributes to the development and success of InQubeta, ensuring a collaborative and dynamic ecosystem.

Additionally, InQubeta's clear roadmap outlines its strategic vision and milestones. This transparent approach instills confidence in investors, providing a clear understanding of the project's trajectory and future developments. The roadmap serves as a guiding framework, highlighting key initiatives such as the launch of an NFT marketplace, the introduction of InQubeta swap, and the establishment of InQubeta DAO. This comprehensive roadmap underscores InQubeta's commitment to delivering on its promises and driving innovation in the AI crypto space.


InQubeta's meteoric rise in the AI crypto sector can be attributed to several compelling factors. The fractional investment model empowers a broader range of investors to participate in AI startups, democratizing access to this transformative technology. The robust tokenomics of QUBE incentivizes participation and rewards holders, driving sustainable growth. The strong community support and clear roadmap further solidify InQubeta's position as a promising project in the AI crypto landscape. With its innovative approach, InQubeta is poised to continue its ascent up the ranks, shaping the future of AI investments and captivating the imagination of the crypto community.

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