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TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 29 November 2022 - On 31 October, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) officially released the Policy Declaration on the Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong, setting out the Government's support stance and approach to the virtual asset industry and ecosystem. The welcome of the government is a boost of confidence for the cryptocurrency market. As a result, the motivation of ordinary people to enter new markets has greatly increased.

(Image source: CryptoPARD). In addition to the regular three-level curriculum, CryptoPARD regularly offers popular two-hour free workshops
(Image source: CryptoPARD). In addition to the regular three-level curriculum, CryptoPARD regularly offers popular two-hour free workshops

Help the public acquire "valuable technical analysis skills"

The cryptocurrency market is sweeping the world, and many novice investors rush into the market without being fully prepared to stay behind. Many courses in the market are aimed at the needs of these investors, and various cryptocurrency courses are designed with the least amount of time and maximum effect, so as to make students believe that they can get rich in a short period of time and get through with a fluke mentality.

To profit from blockchain trading, knowledge and attitude will be key success factors. CryptoPARD Crypto Academy believes that it will provide courses at the forefront of industry standards, in addition to passing sincere and professional review courses, and accompanying each guest from shallow to deep understanding of cryptocurrencies, as well as hands-on practical guidance. The curriculum should be tightly structured, providing hobbyists and industry professionals with step-by-step opportunities to add value to technology and upskill.

Learn first, earn later

CryptoPARD understands that price fluctuations in the blockchain currency market are inseparable from traditional supply and demand economics, and pointed out that trading in the crypto market should lay a good foundation without chart pattern analysis and same-day trading strategies. Further study, should first understand the origin of cryptocurrencies, blockchain structure and the application of cryptocurrencies, until they can draw inferences, in the face of new products, new currencies can have their own rational analysis of their coin issuance basis and application level, no longer randomly enter the market. In addition, it is necessary to gather more information to understand scams and anti-fraud techniques, as well as the essentials of choosing an exchange.

Furthermore, if we want to further understand the market manipulation pretend environment in the new economy, we should start to study decentralized finance, liquidity mining, staking, online exchange and arbitrage models, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), project audits, etc. If you have limited time, you should first find a course that suits your level to avoid being filled by the market atmosphere and rushing to enter the market.

In addition to the regular three-level course, CryptoPARD regularly offers popular two-hour free workshops so that novices can grasp the new trends of cryptocurrency investing and prepare themselves to know first, then invest.

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29 Nov 2022

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