CarUX to Showcase Cutting-Edge Automotive Innovations at Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, USA - Media OutReach Newswire - 3 January 2024 - CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux, with the ambition "More than Display, and Far Beyond," will establish a new benchmark for automotive interior products from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, USA. The company will showcase the latest and groundbreaking automotive display product technology, embracing the developments in smart cabins that focus on safety, practicality and entertainment.

CarUX developed the Pixiu 3 premium by utilizing Innolux’s exclusive Micro LED technology
CarUX developed the Pixiu 3 premium by utilizing Innolux’s exclusive Micro LED technology

Large Information Display

Complementing CarUX's flagship concept, the Large Information Display (LID) ranging from 15 to 55 inches. These products share common features, including extremely low reflectivity, high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut and fast response times. Leveraging AM Mini-LED and automotive-grade Micro-LED technology, these large exhibits deliver astonishing visual performance.

In terms of aesthetics, each product showcases distinctive curved or arc-shaped designs, allowing them to seamlessly blend into various car models. Regarding human-machine interaction, in addition to touch screens, some exhibits feature a 'slider bar.' for more option of HMI instead. There are those equipped with the most advanced "Active Privacy View" technology to prevent driver distraction, and the new generation of "Windscreen Projective Display."


CarUX is committed to advancing design aesthetics and showcases the latest product concept, 'InvisiView.' As the proportion of automotive displays in vehicles increases, integration with other interior components becomes crucial when the display is not in use. Concealing the display allows passengers to transition and find serenity between 'motion' and 'stillness' during the ride.

To realize this concept, CarUX collaborates with suppliers to develop four solutions in two categories. The first category involves applying various textures to the display's surface, including real tree bark, wood grain in glass and leather. Despite the different textures, the display delivers satisfactory visual performance in use. The second category leverages the display's structure and coatings to simulate textured qualities, creating a visually pleasing illusion, enhancing the overall experience.

Software Integration and HMI

CarUX introduces 'ID Touch' technology, enabling displays to intelligently adapt to multi-user scenarios and to identify "who is touching?". Displays, in a car, are no longer exclusive to single users, becoming the primary human-machine interface for vehicle controls. This technology enables interfaces suited to both drivers and passengers, reducing operation time and enhancing the overall experience and human-machine interaction efficiency.

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03 Jan 2024

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