KeyStone will host a seminar on 'Mastering Successful Strategies for Property Investment in Australia' in Hong Kong on January 20th

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 15 January 2024 - In today's increasingly popular overseas investment climate, choosing a quality property has become a goal for many people. However, the variety of overseas properties and the rules for purchasing them are numerous and complex, making the right investment decision far from easy. To help investors better understand the Australian property market, KeyStone will hold a seminar on "Mastering Successful Strategies for Property Investment in Australia" at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong on January 20, 2024. The seminar will offer investors insights into overseas investment perspectives, interpretations of Australian financial and tax policies, and recommendations for selected Australian properties.

KeyStone will host a seminar on 'Mastering Successful Strategies for Property Investment in Australia' in Hong Kong on January 20th

The speakers at this seminar include KeyStone founder Leo Lee and Australian financial and tax policy expert Steven Wong. Leo has been involved in global property investment and research for over a decade, traveling across five continents and publishing more than a thousand industry research reports. He is a seasoned investment expert in the field, providing countless investors with customized investment advice and quality property options. In this seminar, Leo will share:

  1. An analysis of the 2024 trends and predictions for the Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, Japanese yen, and Australian dollar, and where the investment opportunities lie
  2. An analysis of investment opportunities in Australian and global real estate in 2024.
  3. A review of the top 10 common mistakes made by Hong Kong people in overseas property investment.

The other speaker, Steven, as the Strategic Partner of IPP Group and a senior Australian financial and tax planning expert, will interpret policies and answer questions from his professional perspective, helping investors more accurately reduce their tax burden. The seminar content includes:
  1. Demystifying Australian personal tax traps.
  2. Tips for handling stocks, bonds, insurance, and real estate.
  3. Analysis of compliant tax avoidance tools.
The seminar will provide a one-stop service for investors, helping you gain a deeper understanding of investment opportunities in Australian real estate and Australian financial and tax policies, leading to more informed investment decisions. If you are exploring the Australian property market, consider attending this seminar aimed at helping investors master successful property investment strategies and enjoy advice and services from professionals.

please register now:
Date and Time: January 20th (Saturday), 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: 7th Conference Hall, 3rd Floor, Mira Hotel, 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Hashtag: #KeyStone

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About KeyStone
About KeyStone
KeyStone provides a one-stop service for overseas asset allocation. With eight years of deep industry involvement, we have professional teams overseeing every aspect from research, selection (or development), to sales, leasing, and resale. We focus only on the top 20% of quality global properties, recommending residential properties suitable for local families, and selling properties managed by our local direct operation teams. This ensures a worry-free transaction experience for both investment and personal residence.




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15 Jan 2024

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