Siba 10th Anniversary Concert is Over, Meta48 Holdings Ltd. Accelerate the Layout of Meta-universe

HONG KONG SAR - EQS Newswire - 7 August 2023 - On the evening of August 5th, the 2023 SNH48 GROUP Annual Youth ceremony and the 10th Anniversary Concert of the Siba Family, sponsored by Meta48 Meta-universe(, ended successfully in Shanghai.


SNH48 GROUP is a large woman group operated by Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group under Meta48 Holdings Ltd., the largest and longest-active woman idol group in the Chinese-speaking area. It is composed of five female groups: SNH48 (Shanghai), GNZ48 (Guangzhou), BEJ48 (Beijing), CKG48 (Chongqing), and CGT48 (Chengdu). Famous mainland artists such as Ju Jingyi, Li Yitong, Sun Rui, Xu Jiaqi, and Zhao Yue have emerged. All the female group members and artists attended the concert and garnered billions of discussions on the Internet.

In addition to the concert, a number of excellent works of the year were excavated and commended at that night's event. In the end, SNH48 Yuan Yiqi's work "The Law of the Forest" won the Gold Award of the Influential Member of the Year and the QUEEN honor of the year's peak popularity. SNH48 Wang Yi's work "Mute" and SNH48 Song Xinran's "Brave Heart" won the Silver Award and Bronze Award. Meanwhile, SNH48 Zhou Shiyu, GNZ48 Zheng Dani, GNZ48 Chen Ke and GNZ48 Zeng Aijia's works "Truth of the Night", "The Law of the Forest", "Walking without stop" and "I Wanna PLAY" won the Outstanding Member of the Year Award.

Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group Co., Ltd. has disclosed a series of major operational measures in the future, including the "Woman Group Going Overseas Strategy". With Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions of China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries as the core, official sister troupes and their own theatres will be set up in batches, and all kinds of large-scale events will be held.

At the concert, Meta48 Holdings Ltd. officially released China's first vertical multimodal artificial intelligence model, "Xinle Dance River", which entirely focuses on virtual digital human music, dance, and virtual sociality. the artificial intelligence multimodal model and its supporting digital toolkits, meta-universe SaaS "Seine River creation",which are jointly built by Meta48 Holdings Ltd's Meitao artificial Intelligence Lab, Meita Digital Homo sapiens Lab, and R & D centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, and exclusively own 500T of graphics, audio and video materials accumulated during SNH48 GROUP's operation over the past decade as initial feeding data.

At a time when AI computing power and data assets have become the core competitiveness of future development in the field of artificial intelligence, "Xin Yue Wu He ", which, when equipped with sufficient basic computing power, will play a key role in the technical realization and practical application of digital virtual humans and its industrial application scenarios such as music and dance entertainment, next-generation games, virtual social networking and the creation of all kinds of digital content, and provides indispensable core technical support for the implementation of WEB3.0 immersive interactive social meta-universe, especially its WEB3.0 co-creation functions PGA, UGA, PGC, and UGC, which is implementing limited user technology testing.

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07 Aug 2023

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